Valley of Vision (Henry van Dyke)

Uit The valley of Vision (1919)

Preface: “WHY do you choose such a title as The Valley  of Vision for your book,” said my friend; “do you  mean that one can see farther from the valley than  from the mountain- top ?”
This question set me thinking, as every honest  question ought to do. Here is the result of my  thoughts, which you will take for what it is worth,  if you care to read the book. The mountain-top is the place of outlook over  the earth and the sea. But it is in the valley of  suffering, endurance, and self -sacrifice that the deepest visions of the meaning of life come to us. I take the outcome of this Twentieth Century  War as a victory over the mad illusion of world-dominion which the Germans saw from the peak of  their military power in 1914.

Some extracts from this book – see ‘child-pages’: 

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